Welcome to the (temporary) site for the all-new EDGE FM! We're currently building our actual site as you read this but this is better than nothing. You can click the link above to visit our Facebook page which we'd appreciate you hitting the 'like' button on!

As for our music? We'll be focusing heavily on 90s/early 2000's alternative with a light touch of songs from the 80s and a light touch of today's alternative. ALSO, for now we're not playing any commercials or having any DJ's to blab in between songs. Nothing but straight music to tickle your senses.

You can stream us right here using the Live365 player at the top of this page! If you're always on the go, you can download the Live365 app for FREE! The app is available for Android or iOS. Just search for 'EDGE FM' in the app once you've downloaded it!

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